"When life gives you lemons, make orange juice, and then sit back as people wonder how the hell you did it."

About me / short description

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Hey, I'm Neil Hanlon. I'm a Web Developer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I've been designing and developing web-based applications for a number of years, and I love what I do.

Besides web development, some of my hobbies and activities include

  • Music. How do trumpet players greet each other? "Hi, I'm better than you."
  • Cooking. I am a line cook for The Ipswich Clambake Co.
  • Audio/Video. I'm a techie for my school's plays and events
  • Gaming. Yep, that's right. I'm a stereotypical geek.

Work experience / real time experience

  • Brick Computers / Web & Software Developer / February 2012 - Present

    I work as a software and web developer for Brick Computers, where I've redesigned their website, given them an in-house ticketing system, and have also worked on software projects for clients.

  • Ipswich Clambake Co. / Line Cook / May 2010 - Present

    I work as a line cook in my spare time for the Ipswich Clambake Company. This was my first "real" job, and it's fun to get off of the computer once in a while.

  • influencers@ / Lead Programming Consultant / August 2011 - December 2011

    As the lead developer for a social media marketing firm, I do a lot of work with Facebook and Twitter, and all sorts of miscelaneous stuff.

    Current Projects

  • Mr Youth/CollegeFest / Programming Consultant / September 2011 - October 2011

    I worked for Mr Youth as a developer handling a lot of work with CollegeFest 2011 (Facebook tabs, etc.), and also developed a Rock Paper Scissors game for the event (web based).

  • Michelle Binkley / Freelance Web Developer / July 2011

    I worked for Michelle taking her PSD mockup and turning it into a fully valid HTML/CSS website, with a lightweight PHP templating system making for easy alteration of the site.

Personal details / my personal information

  • Name - Neil Hanlon
  • Hometown - Rowley, MA
  • Education - Triton Regional High School
  • Interests - Developing, PHP, music, community service

Web abilities / my web abilities

Adobe Photoshop
Facebook API

Featured / recent works

My works / I've done so far

My location / contact information


Neil Hanlon
720 Haverhill St.,
Rowley, MA 01969.

Telephone : 978.432.9449

Email : neil[at]neilhanlon[dot]me
Web :